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Mahjong Relax is an exciting New Mahjong game where you don't have to spend hours trying to solve a puzzle. Mahjong Relax is basically a slow version of the classic Mahjong game where you have to position tiles in the Mahjong pattern, matching the color pairs. Unlike other Mahjong games where you are looking to clear all the tiles by walking around the matching square of the board, you have to clear the tiles from one row before moving on to the next. This is the basic pattern and progression of the game. You can also try other versions such as the scheduled version which has timed you for how long allows you to eliminate a tile and the search mode, which is basically a search for all the tiles in the table. Once you win the game you unlock this fun and addicting mode. Play mahjong online at

One of the main differences between the classic Mahjong game and relaxing Mahjong is that you start with a small selection of tiles to start with. This means that the start of the game is a bit slower, as you need to find a few good models to work with. Another big difference is the playing field. In Mahjong Relax, all the tiles are laid out on an open area that looks like a grid, so you don't need to memorize where each square is on the playing field. If you move your mouse over any tile, you will see its close-up photo and it will speed up the game as you work to form a strategic plan.

Like all other Mahjong games, there are plenty of ways to get more points and level up. The main differences between Relax Mahjong and other Mahjong games are that the playing field is much bigger and there is an element of strategy involved when playing against the computer. You can also buy several cards, called Mungges, which give you extra lives and power-up moves that will allow you to get more tiles on the board faster. These are just a few things to keep in mind when looking for ways to play Relax Mahjong.

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